infrared science scan by neu faculty, dr. dean allen (video)


Meet faculty Dr Dean Allen from the NEU’s Schools of Health & Wellness; and Science & Design Innovation. In this brief video he facilitates an infrared science scanning procedure with a client, part of the technology for a Conscious Health Plan that Dr. Allen is starting to implement at the NewEarth University in 2019 (in alignment with the NEU School of Consciousness & Spirituality).  You’ll see that the BodyTalker scan measures with infrared (the electrons at various points on the face with a readout called the face-matrix); it tracks and decodes one’s own 23 organs/glands programming.

As Dr. Allen explains, “Consciousness work is what this is all about.

One may track their own electrical energy flow patterns over time, which of course is helpful to identify disease patterns by raising consciousness from any unconscious blockages within organs.

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