homeopathic remedies: how to take and store them (article)

how to take and store your homeopathic remedy

by Dr. Jayne Marquis, NEU School of Health & Wellness faculty


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The following is a guideline of how to take and store a homeopathic medicine:

Take 2-3 pellets 20 minutes away from eating, drinking coffee, or brushing teeth. (Water, can be taken at any time.)

Preferable take at a quiet time (bedtime is a good time) as it allows the full acceptance on all levels.

If taking a remedy for an acute injury, take it as soon as possible. In this case, the sooner the better.

Repetition for a remedy given after a complete case is taken, (in other words, the remedy that matches you on all levels and is considered your match that will help on all levels… physical and mental/emotional), should be taken once.  Possibly to be repeated once more… the following evening.  Before repeating again, usually a follow-up visit is undertaken to assess the action of the remedy.  In homeopathy, less is better.

If it is an acute situation, then the remedy that will help with the acute condition is taken, and is repeated more often over a short period of time.

It is best to take medicine by pouring 2-3 pellets into the cap and then pouring into the mouth without touching it. If touching is unavoidable, clean your hands with soap and water; rinsing well with water, first.  Touching may simply remove some of the remedy and make it inactive.

  • Keep the remedy away from strong smells, especially camphor, eucalyptus, tiger balms, high heat, and sunlight.
  • Do not store in a refrigerator.
  • Do keep remedies in a cool, dry, dim-lighted area.
  • Eat nourishing foods and sleep as much as needed after taking a remedy.

The following should also be considered in handling homeopathic medicines:

It is believed that the x-ray machine at airports and other electro-magnetic forces may have some affect on remedies. Most report that remedies are fine after exposure, but if possible it is best to limit or prevent exposure (as we are uncertain at this time of how the energetic quality of the remedies are affected).

Heavy smells such as camphor, eucalyptus, tiger balm, mint, coffee and certain aroma-therapies should be kept away from homeopathic remedies as they may contaminate the delicate imprint of the remedy and thereby antidote its affect. How much exposure and the actual affects are unknown, but it makes sense to limit such exposure. Keeping a remedy in the refrigerator would have the same affect, exposing it to strong smells as well as exposing it to too much moisture. Moisture – in general – is detrimental as the remedy melts.

Homeopathy is quite simple to take, and yet it acts on such a deep level.  Hope that helps.

(Gratitude to Dr. Marquis for sharing this article from her blog)

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