Gaian Superorganism by Thomas J Brown (lecture)


This lecture, Gaian Superorganismby Thomas J. Brown was recorded l!ve on June 21, 2019 at the World Health Sovereignty Summit, during the NewEarth Festival in Bali, Indonesia.  It is a consideration of Earth functioning as a superorganism with which we are totally interconnected symbiotically.  Many people know of our “gut bacteria,” but the microbiome is far more than that.  The human microbiome comprises bacteria, archaea, viruses & fungi, symbiotically acting as a single organ in our systems, from our intestines to our brains.  The microbiome also connects throughout the plant world, from essential plant metabolisms to communications with the mycelium networks in the soil.  It is also found in the deepest geological strata, up to the upper stratosphere, and everywhere in-between that humans have investigated.

Can this amazing microbial world be the physical anchor for a Gaian Superorganism?

If so, and we are integral, then why is human activity causing so much disruption and disease?  Interactions with solar and geomagnetic activity begin in the mineral stage and rise up through microbial to our complex organisms.  Where then do life and intelligence begin?  What is the future of health and wellness with this new evolution in knowledge?  How can we apply this knowledge to our present lives to overcome the apparent war on the biosphere by our technological evolution?  These questions and more are covered in this lecture presentation.


Thomas J. Brown was appointed as a Fellow of the NewEarth University (NEU) in November of 2017 in association with its School of Science & Design Innovation, of which he’s been on the faculty as a senior science advisor since 2015.  NEU is the new-paradigm learning arm of the greater NewEarth Project and NewEarth Horizon: Worldwide collaborative communities of astonishing women and men comprising an unprecedented creative hub for wisdom-keeping and knowledge-sharing, offering new ways of being rooted in pure-truth from the heart – openly availed to all:

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