ecological civilization summary white paper by fellow, laurence brahm & felix richter


Ecological Civilization Summary Report PDF  by Laurence Brahm (NEU Fellow / Chief Economic Advisor) and Felix Richter

This 26 page paper, Institutional Innovation of Ecological Civilization, was crafted in 2014 and presented by the former NewEarth Institute and its Exchange & Commerce Faculty (which was re-calibrated as a discipline, Re-Sourced Economy in tandem with its sister discipline: Ecology & Regeneration at NEU’s School of Socio-Economics & Ecology).

It is a White Paper offered as a proposal for how existing nation-states may utilize the economic tools currently at their disposal.  This utilization is within the bounds of their current worldview, to initiate a complete ecological renaissance.  The overarching NewEarth Project’s jurisdiction fractal known as, New Earth Nation, has its essential economic horizon oriented toward making obsolete the policy-making agendas of nation-states altogether, nested within within a zero-point economy.

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