dr nancy ash interview: education for a new paradigm (visionary lifestyle podcast)

(Photo of Rev Dr Nancy Ash and Sacha Stone, Sedona, Arizona, courtesy of Jonathan Ash)

In this 2017 l!ve interview in Bali, Indonesia, NewEarth University Chancellor Dr. Nancy Ash offers a 360-view of new-paradigm learning with an articulation of the ethos, history and formulation of NEU and its six schools.  An excellent introduction for those learning about the global NewEarth movement and its fractal educational component.  (This podcast interview is available at many platforms, e.g., YouTube, iTunes, visionarylifestyle.com, etc.)

VLP S4 7 Dr. Nancy Ash: Education for the New Paradigm


From NewEarth Media:

Dr Nancy Ash Podcast Interview: Education for a New Paradigm

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