dr marco ruggiero: can relativity & quantum physics help reverse aging? (video)


In this 17 min. video, author of Your Third Brain: The Revolutionary New Discovery to Achieve Optimum Health, and 200-plus published, peer-reviewed science papers, Dr. Marco Ruggiero, PhD, MD (Molecular Biologist and Diagnostic Radiology Specialist) briefly discusses applications of the theory of relativity, quantum physics and molecular biology for the reversal of aging.  (This topic will be presented at the RAADfest 2018, speadheaded by interviewer, James Strole).

A friend for years to Humanitad.org and its major initiative, the NewEarth movement, Marco Ruggiero is world-renowned for his ground-breaking work in this arena since 1983.  He invented BRAVO and “Rerum”, a powerful, non-protein, Macrophage Activating Factor (MAF) as well as a number of other amazing products.  Learn more about him here: CV – Dr. Ruggiero

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