door of my heart (instrumental cosmic chant) paramahansa yogananda

Submitted by NE University staff member Shabnam Essa, this beloved chant is presented here as an instrumental version to sooth and calm your Soul. InJoy!

For those new to this beautiful song, here are the lyrics:

Door of my heart,
Open wide I keep for Thee,
Wilt Thou come, wilt thou come,
Just for once come to me.
Will my days fly away,
Without seeing Thee my Lord,
Night and day, night and day,
I look for Thee night and day.

Devotees in Calcutta, India, have recalled occasions in 1935 when Yogananda sang this song, repeating the line: “Wilt Thou come, just for once come to me.”  He did so sometimes late into the night, and dancing in a state of divine ecstasy surrounded by inspired crowds of dancing devotees.

Your mind should continually whisper: ‘Night and day I look for Thee, night and day’.  That is the philosophy of life by which you should live.” – Paramahansa Yogananda

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