global research – the center for research on globalization

The Global Research website publishes news articles, commentary, background research and analysis on a broad range of issues, focusing on social, economic, strategic and environmental issues.

The global research website was established two days before the tragic events of 9/11. A few days later it had become a major news source on the New World Order and Washington’s “war on terrorism”.

Global Research articles are used as source material by college and university students. Moreover, numerous universities, libraries and research institutions have established a link to Global Research on their respective websites.

GR has also become a source of specialized information and analysis for journalists, senior government officials, financial analysts and non-governmental organizations.

While GR operates on a shoe string budget compared to the well-endowed establishment think tanks, it is more popular – in terms of its “Global Rank”– with substantially more readers than the powerful Council on Foreign Relations (CFR at

In the internet GR holds 2nd place in the globalization category and 30st at politics!

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