anunnaki creation story: the biggest secret in human history (video)


Narrated by Elisabeth Firestone, USA, this is a fascinating, thought-provoking, and provocative 16 min. video of high quality production – in substance and aesthetic – explaining a version of the rising Anunnaki modern narrative, which is an alien creation story from 445,000 years ago.  The Anunnaki Creation Story: The Biggest Secret in Human History presents a colorful rendering of ancient timelines that is easy to understand and therefore suitable as a teaching tool.  Why is it that children are not taught in schools about this advanced civilization of Sumeria, and what the 14 Sumerian tablets (discovered in 1849 by a British archaeologist) say?  Why is this rich history only considered to be a myth by traditional academics?  These and others eye-opening questions are posed to you, the viewer.

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