The Trust Fall: Julian Assange (film) (copy / paste official website URL into your browser and watch the 3-min. trailer)   ASSANGE WILL NOT BE SAVED BY THE LAW. HE WILL BE SAVED BY THE ACTIONS OF THE PUBLIC.   “If wars can be started by lies, peace can be started by truth” –...

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A Humble Journey: The Story of MMS (film by Sacha Stone)

Note: this 34-min. film has been heavily censored and deleted from various platforms. Gratitude for this wonderful channel – Rumble – now showing it – greatly appreciated. Please share widely! Inspirational dialogue with Sacha Stone and legend Jim Humble – one of the greatest pioneers in health sovereignty and a...

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nikola tesla secrets (documentary)

THIS VIDEO WAS REMOVED FROM YOU TUBE!! (2019) This quality 2-hour Tesla documentary aired on USA PBS-TV (public television). It is the story of a visionary scientific genius with an incredible legacy, Nikola Tesla, a modern Prometheus who changed the world with electricity. Tesla captured the power of the...

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