NEU purification strategy – Batur Volcano Lake, Bali


2019 News: A day right out of the Mahabharata! The NewEarth University (NEU) begins to navigate its clean-up operation plan of the Batur Volcano Caldera Lake, which is Bali’s primary source of water.

Under a bright blue sky, Thomas Joseph Brown (left) NEU fellow and senior science faculty advisor journeyed with NEP founder, Sacha Stone and a few honored guests and friends, like I Wayan Artawan, to initiate this noble quest with great homage to the presiding Goddess Dewi Danu. The spirit guided them from dusk till dawn as they trekked in pure Consciousness-IN-Action to help purify these waters polluted by recent volcanic eruptions.


We salute all of these radiant Souls, our colleagues and friends embarking on this heroic initiative.


OM Shanti Shanti Shanti


If you wish to assist, please email NEU with subject inquiry: Bali Batur Lake Clean-up


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