Faculty Announcement in the School of Consciousness & Spirituality

NEU’s School of C & S is delighted to announce that Tariq Amawi, MA, has recently joined its faculty in 2018.

As an integral part of our sovereign movement to manifest a new earth, Tariq is devoted to raising consciousness.


Tariq Amawi began his life journey in Jordan and presently resides in Norway.  He received a scholarship to attend the Royal College of Music in London, and holds a Master’s degree in 3D Animation.  Tariq was a presenter at our NewEarth Ancient Futures Festival (2017) at the NE Haven in Bali, Indonesia, as well as many other venues.

Through diverse, creative, multi-dimensional training he shares with the NewEarth University School of C & S a mission to usher people back onto their own authentic path, reawakening their imagination for all they can become and showing others how to get good at anything they enjoy.

In alignment with that mission, Tariq developed and teaches an online course, Manifestation Mastery, planned to be offered through NEU. Meanwhile… we thank Tariq for gifting us all with his book, Interview with the Universe, which would be suitable to read before enrolling in his aforementioned course.

We are delighted to have Tariq in the School of Consciousness & Spirituality.  A warm welcome to this wisdom-keeper, wishing him many years of partnership in NEU through unique contributions life-enhancing curriculum and writings.

May these activities bring great benefits of radiant and vibrant consciousness to all sentient beings.

Namasté Tariq


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