UCC Workshop – Part 2: Strawman Slavery & The Banksters

NewEarth University (NEU) presented an online, 2.5 hour l!ve workshop, August 20, 2019

UCC – PART 2: Strawman Slavery & The Banksters taught by Bibi Bacchus, faculty at NEU’s School of Natural Law

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  • Faculty: Bibi Bacchus, senior advisor in the NEU School of Natural Law
  • Presentation: 2.5-hour Workshop (online)
  • Content: 1 Workshop Video REPLAY ACCESS ONLY (for study at NEU)
  • Enrollment: at your pace
  • PDFs: NONE
  • Language: English
  • Tuition: 79$ USD  (Note: NEU issues NO REFUNDS for Workshop Video Replays)

This Workshop includes an overview of the following fundamentals:

  • Strawman Fundamentals
  • Bankster Overview
  • Mortgage Fraud System
  • Bankruptcy Scam
  • The REAL truth of the Court System
  • Social Security Ponzi Scheme
  • Federal Reserve Notes/US Dollars & The British Pound
  • Birth Certificate & Your Rights! & Your Children’s Rights
  • 360-view of Bibi’s future 5-week UCC Introductory Course: How to Own Your Strawman

What Bibi suggests you need during her Workshop: paper and pen to take notes.


Enjoy this eye-opening and inspiring UCC – PART 2 Workshop: Strawman Slavery & The Banksters

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