Introductory UCC Workshop: How to Own Your Strawman

The NewEarth University (NEU) presented an online 4-hour introductory workshop that was recorded on September 30, 2018

UCC: How to Own Your Strawman taught by Bibi Bacchus, faculty at NEU’s School of Natural Law.

This recording tutorial includes fundamentals about:

  • your birth certificate and strawman
  • how to reclaim your fiction – ucc1
  • flag laws; allodial title; contracts
  • admiralty maritime jurisdiction
  • name copyrighting; rescinding signatures Nunc pro tunc
  • driver’s license; motor vehicle and your rights

and, an extensive Q & A session, including information about Bibi’s 5-week UCC Course.

If you tuition-purchased this Intro UCC Workshop – PART 1, to access its VIDEO REPLAY, ensure you have successfully LOGGED-IN to your NE Account (above right at this NEU website) and click the ACCESS BUTTON for Workshop – Part 1 at instructor Bibi Bacchus’ UCC page – OR – you may Click below

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