The Lifelong Impact of Prenatal Life (4-week Course)

NEU Fall Semester 2022

Dear Student, 

Greetings! This is your NewEarth University (NEU) Main Course ENTRY Page for The Lifelong Impact of Prenatal Life Course taught by School of Health & Wellness Faculty colleagues: Laura Uplinger & Carla Machado. Only enrolled students have course access below.

IMPORTANT *** Entire course accessed here at NEU. There are no Zoom-link emails sent. Follow instructors’ protocols. THIS Course Page gives you access into their 4 Class Pages as teachings progress weekly. Initially (upon successful tuition enrollment) you have access to CLASS 1 – WELCOME PAGE.


*** Important Online Navigation Once you’ve read Laura & Carla’s Class 1 Page content, click there at its bottom-left box: Mark Complete. From taking that important action… THIS page – upon your return – shows at top-left ↑ NEU Course Status: In Progress .. OR later .. Completed, depending on your progress. AFTER Class 1 on Zoom … Class Page 2 will be available to click, Mark Complete. Below ↓ once you have clicked, Mark Complete, your Class 1 now shows: Status GREEN √ check-mark, as directed. Same for Class 2, 3 & 4, ie, access AFTER Zoom. So, you’ll take simple, easy action-steps during this online course.

Friendly reminder: If you ever have issue – clicking into Classes – you may not be logged-in at NEU with exact student account credentials used for enrollment, especially if on a new device. Thank you for studying at NEU’s School of Health & Wellness.  InJoy this seminal course with Laura & Carla.


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