Return to Agapi: Intro to Ancient Greek Health & Wellness

 NewEarth University presents:

Return to Agapi: Intro to Ancient Greek Health & Wellness Workshop by Maria Benardis

Friday, November 13, 2020

1 pm Eastern/New York-time / 10 am Pacific (USA) on Zoom

  • Faculty: Maria Benardis, NEU School of Health & Wellness
  • Presentation: 3-hour l!ve workshop/Zoom: powerpoint lecture; meditation; Q & A
  • Content: ACCESS to Zoom & TBA Workshop Video Recording-REPLAY ACCESS
  • PDFs: Yes; downloadable
  • Enrollment: limited
  • Language: English
  • Tuition: $58.00 USD

NOTE: NEU policy does not offer payment plans or partial tuition; no refunds once the Workshop has commenced; and no refunds for Workshop Video-Replays. Instructor’s photography may be Copyrighted ©

This presentation (designed for anyone: newbies… to experts) provides an excellent overview to the study of Agapi-based Health & Wellness. It also introduces you to Maria’s teaching methodology, stirring within your Soul inspiration to apply wellness techniques from the Ancient Greeks.

Workshop fundamentals with a powerpoint/lecture:

  • What is AGAPI (agape)?
  • How to live your life on the energy frequency of Agapi
  • Ancient Greek Agapi-based Therapies
  • Pythagoras’ Tuning Fork Healing Frequencies
  • Food, Mind, Body, Spirit Context
  • Ancient Greek Meditation
  • Valuable tips from Maria’s experience
  • Techniques to assist you on the heroic journey to radiant health


Notes from your Instructor

  • There are NO Prerequisites required for this Workshop.

What you need

  • Writing paper and pencil/pen, etc. to take notes and doodle as you feel inspired
  • Printer to print your AGAPI PDF handouts
  • It is HIGHLY recommended that you attend this l!ve workshop using a desktop or laptop computer. The option is yours.
  • Workshop content is based at this NEU website, accessible through my Workshop page. (TBA after enrollment closes)
  • ALWAYS LOG-IN at NEU, FIRST.  If not logged-in, you won’t be able to access my Workshop page 24/7, clicking the UPCOMING – ACCESS – WORKSHOP BUTTON


Enjoy this Enlightening Presentation!

Thank you for choosing to study at the NewEarth University (NEU)

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