Introductory Workshop: Painting From The Soul by Jane Evershed

NewEarth University (NEU) presents an online workshop:

Painting From The Soul: The Great Art Awakening

by Master Artist Jane Evershed, faculty, School of The Living Arts

Recorded Thursday, June 25 at 12 NOON Central-time USA (NOTE: REPLAY TBA)

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  • Faculty: Jane Evershed, senior advisor in the NEU School of The Living Arts
  • Presentation: 90-minute Introductory Workshop (online at ZOOM)
  • Content: 1 Workshop Presentation with Meditation, Q & A Session
  • Enrollment: Replay TBA 24/7
  • Language: English
  • Tuition: 45.00$ USD  (Note: NEU issues NO REFUNDS for Workshop Video-Recording Replay tuition)

WORKSHOP FUNDAMENTALS during an inspiring visual presentation/lecture:

  • An intro to the Importance of Art in today’s world (the great art awakening!)
  • The relevance of Painting From The Soul during these changing times
  • 10 Steps to Teach Art From The Soul
  • Keystone Inspiration Methods
  • Painting From The Soul protocol to free the artist in you (and others)
  • Essential elements from Jane’s upcoming book, SPLAT!
  • Meditation to enhance your creative process
  • The visual basics launchpad to inspire students’ confidence
  • Student/Teacher Classroom Tips for Success, Spontaneity and Relationship
  • Tending YOUR artistic vibrational garden;  Jane shows the way …


  • 90-min online unprecedented Introductory Workshop
  • Downloadable PDF at Jane’s Workshop Page
  • Great overview for future in-depth Courses by Master Artist, Jane Evershed



Important Notes about this Workshop from your Instructor:

  • There are NO prerequisites required for this Workshop
  • This Workshop was recorded by NEU’s School of The Living Arts
  • This Workshop was l!ve on Zoom. 
  • NEU Policy: NO partial tuition or payment plans are available. There are NO REFUNDS

What you need:

  • Writing paper and pencil/pen, etc. to take notes and doodle as you feel inspired
  • It is recommended that you attend using a desktop or laptop computer (optional). A computer is more likely to provide a better learning experience than smartphones / tablet devices. The option is yours.
  • Workshop content (REPLAY & PDF) is based here at the NewEarth University (NEU) website. (Follow easy prompts.)
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  • CLICK 24/7 to ACCESS my Workshop Page.
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    • Pull-down menu: Painting From The Soul Page, scroll down
    • Repeat those easy prompts 24/7

Learn how to turn art upside down, inside out, and right side up!

Enjoy this inspiring event: Painting From The Soul: The Great Art Awakening

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