Intro to Victim & Criminal Profiling by Carine Hutsebaut

NewEarth University presents:

Intro to Victim & Criminal Profiling Workshop by Carine Hutsebaut


  • Faculty: Carine Hutsebaut, NEU School of Natural Law
  • Presentation: 2 and 1/2 hour l!ve workshop/lecture with Q & A (Recorded)
  • PDFs: Downloadable Handouts
  • Enrollment: open
  • Language: English
  • Tuition: $50.00 USD

NOTE: NEU policy does not offer payment plans or partial tuition; no refunds once the Workshop has commenced; and no refunds for Workshop Video-Replays. Instructor’s photography may be Copyrighted ©

This presentation (designed for anyone: newbies… to experts) provides an excellent overview to the intense study of Victim & Criminal Profiling.

It also introduces you to Carine’s teaching and profiling methodology, which has been very successful in her decades of work in this arena.

Workshop Fundamentals 

  • Introduction to Profiling
  • Profiling – Victims
  • Profiling – Working with the Criminals
  • Tips from Carine’s vast experience
  • Methodology & Techniques
  • Overview of Carine’s Academy (in-depth) curriculum in this worldwide arena


Notes from your Instructor

  • There are NO Prerequisites required for this Workshop. (Attendees should be at least 21 years of age.)

What you need

  • Printer to download and print your handouts
  • Writing paper and pencil/pen, etc. to take notes and doodle as you may feel needed
  • It is HIGHLY recommended that you attend this workshop using a desktop or laptop computer. The option is yours.
  • Workshop content is based at this NEU site, accessible through the ACCESS BUTTON 
    • ALWAYS LOG-IN at NEU, FIRST using your NE Account credentials;
    • If not logged-in, you won’t be able to access my Workshop Page by clicking the ACCESS – WORKSHOP BUTTON (where you enrolled)


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