Applied Integrative Bio-physics Workshop: The Future of Medicine

Dear Student, Greetings! This is your NewEarth University ENTRY Page for an Applied Integrative Bio-Physics Workshop: The Future of Medicine taught by School of Science & Design Innovation fellow & faculty member, Dr. Sandra Rose Michael. Only enrolled students have access below. This 3.5 hour Workshop was presented LIVE (recorded by NEU’s School of SDI). Its replay is embedded for your study at Dr. Michael’s Workshop – Welcome Page. It’s not downloadable, so you won’t own the video recording. Workshop is only accessed here at NEU (BELOW) No email – link is sent. Follow Dr. Michael’s protocols:

Important Online Navigation Once you’ve entered the Welcome Page below, in that page you will need to follow directions and click a box called, Mark Complete. This small box is at the very bottom-left of that page. From taking this key action – upon your return later – THIS page will then show top-left ↑ NEU Course Status: Completed … From then on your Workshop Page below ↓ will show: Status GREEN √ check-mark for access (unless you forgot to log in first). So, you must take that easy action-step “Mark Complete” once you’ve scrolled through and read the entire Workshop Welcome Page.

⇓ CLICK BELOW NOW Welcome Page with notes, video-replay & PDF manual. Friendly reminder: If you ever have issue accessing the workshop below you may not be logged-in from student account credentials, especially if using a new device. Thank you for interest to study at the NewEarth University. InJoy this cutting-edge presentation by Dr. Michael.

From successful enrollment you have auto-access to Future of Medicine Workshop – Welcome Page ⇓ CLICK BELOW

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