Animal Healing Workshop

Dear Student, 

Greetings! This is the NewEarth University (NEU) main ENTRY PAGE for your ANIMAL HEALING WORKSHOP taught by School of Consciousness & Spirituality faculty member, Nicole Pinter-Krainer. Only enrolled students have access.

Important: Workshop access is below; no Zoom link is emailed. Please follow Nicole’s protocols. Upon successful tuition enrollment you have access to the Animal Healing – Welcome Page with all the info you’ll need.

Important Online Navigation Once you’ve read Nicole’s Workshop Page content, click at its bottom-left box: Mark Complete, which fully activates your online learning system. From taking that key action – upon your return – THIS page will then show at top-left ↑ NEU Course Status: Completed  From then on… you’ve access 24/7. Once activated, Workshop Page below ↓ shows: Status GREEN √ check-mark – WELCOME PAGE So, take that simple action-step (Mark Complete) for successful navigation.

⇓ Click now into Workshop Replay

Friendly reminder If you ever have issue – clicking into the page – you may not be logged-in first with student account credentials, especially if using a new device. Thank you for interest to study at the NewEarth University. InJoy this empowering healing experience with Nicole Pinter-Krainer.

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