Juan Schlosser (Faculty)

Chief Bio-Architect Designer School of Science & Design Innovation

Juan Schlosser began his work at a very early age, influenced by the artistic Inquietude lived at his home.  He explored a variety of artistic expressions, as sculpture, photography, design… which then merged into land art, and after continuing with the same concept, built large-scale installations, festivals and architecture.  The theme is the same nature-energy its forms and manifestations.

Juan has experience with a diversity of sacred geometry structures through the use of patterns and forms found in nature.  Following the path of his father – a renown Austrian sculptor, Adolfo Schlosser, he has developed a touch for merging beauty, art and space, creating energetic environments, inspired in the mimicry of the natural forms and its generative geometry that become the language of his practical arts.

Using a variety of building techniques with natural materials, he’s known for creating various scale buildings to serve a function of entertainment, living, decorative, land arts and for presenting the vastness of eco-architecture benefits.  Juan’s works include decorating homes, galleries in Europe, conscious resorts in Bali, and music festivals.

Currently residing in Bali, Indonesia he is dedicated to bio-architecture and the research of the relationship of structure, shape, geometry and dynamics of live-energy.

With the help of artisans, designers, inspirational figures, producers, friends and family, Juan realizes the purpose to spread and share concepts and ideas of contributing to the bright possibility of an environmentally–conscious global future …

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