Conscious Practice


Within NEU’s School of Consciousness & Spirituality is the key discipline of Conscious Practice, in which our faculty and associated fellows explore, practice, and share wisdom-knowledge of various methods and ways that bring humanity to a deeper state of consciousness.

We know that doing comes from the sacred ground of being, therefore any conscious practice that we engage in arises directly from Source.


  • To help maintain the energetic source-code of NEU and the entire NewEarth Community through daily conscious practice in alignment with the New Earth ethos.
  • To create cutting-edge course curriculum in an array of conscious practices.
  • Organically develop an all-inclusive global consciousness council.
  • Provide a practice framework and network for New Earthers in which they may practice together using various modalities like meditation, contemplation, shadow-work, movement, etc.
  • Create and share a comprehensive toolkit of practices to expand vistas of consciousness.
  • Research, explore, and share a plethora of conscious practices to embed within the NEU Library.
  • Continue aligning and collaborating with exemplary individuals practicing in the field of transformational consciousness.

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Photo courtesy of Jonathan Ash


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