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Exploring Quantum Wellness is a course that will lead you from the basics of how “real” scalar electromagnetics works and how you can put it to use today from your computer or smart phone to do remote balancing. This is a self-paced, video-based, 6-module online course open to all with no prerequisite:

LANGUAGE: English 

CONTENT: 6 Video Modules for 24/7 Replay

Course features a series of videos created by Dr. Don Paris

Course PDFs: 1 page

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Learn to Bio-Hack Your Own System!

This cutting-edge digital course, Quantum Wellness, includes these Modules:

    1. What is Quantum Medicine?

    2. History of Radionics

    3. Spooky Action at a Distance

    4. Scalar Theory

    5. Experiments with Scalar Technology

    6. How to Use the Quantum Servers


Your Professor



Don Paris, Ph.D. (h.c.) is a published author, speaker, video producer, and musician and faculty senior advisor faculty at the NewEarth University. His book, Regaining Wholeness Through the Subtle Dimensions has been published internationally in German, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, and English.

He is known as the guru of the SE-5, the world’s most respected subtle energy, scalar instrument. Don is well-loved for his style of bringing challenging concepts into an easy to understand language and has been a popular speaker at the Global Sciences Congress, Congress of Spiritual Scientists, Quantum Energy Medicine Conference and the United States Psychotronics Association.

Dr. Paris has created the most detailed explanation of the principles of Radionics and the most advanced training courses in the entire field of Radionics and Scalar technology. He began exploring the subtle dimensions in the early seventies, and has now trained people in over 30 countries around the world in the workings of Radionics and the subtle dimensional realities. Don was awarded an honorary doctorate degree in Human Sciences from the International University of Vitalogical Sciences in Stockholm Sweden in 2000 for his work with the SE-5 and scalar energies. He has been a faculty member at the NewEarth University since 2016.



the quantum server is a great boon to healers. i have had success with the blood detox programs, the negative energy removal program and the 528 hz  healing program the legal protection program also works well i can easily access it any odd hour. am thankful for this scalar healing website please do add on more programs it is the healing of the future! thankful  ~ Â gunjan dawar

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Enjoy the Course in Quantum Wellness with Don Paris

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