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POWER DHARMA TEACHINGS: What is the Significance of Life?

Planting Seeds for Paradise

LIVE 7-week Course on Zoom – SUNDAYS

12 Midnight Bali, Indonesia-time; 12 noon Eastern; 9 am Pacific (USA/Canada)

Your tuition: $280.00 USD

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Meet Your Instructor

Hello, I am Lama “D” from Bhutan. I’m fully trained in the Mahayana Tradition of Buddhism, which I believe is the fastest and highest path to enlightenment. I am excited to be on the faculty at NEU to offer you my curriculum. 

Lama Dungtsho aka Lama D brings a unique integration of strict Buddhist monastic training, ancient cultural wisdom of Bhutan with decades of teaching, healing, challenging political activity, and deep equanimity. He explains the Natural Laws of living and dying in “Dharma talks” using creative metaphors and non-traditional words. His formal title, Lama Dungtsho, means “Tibetan Doctor”.
Lama D teaches by example, how to be almost stress-free, to live at ease and non-reactive in the moment. He teaches practical skills including meditation, how to balance the mind, and how to live in the modern world without creating Karma.
An author of many books, he offers breathing exercises for physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional harmony. He is versed in how to use chants for specific purposes, summoning the wisdom of Shakyamuni Buddha, Guru Rinpoche, Padmasambhava, and Milarepa. Lama D also teaches Tibetan Kunye Massage, explained on his healing website: powerdharma.com
A graduate of Simtokha Dzong and Tango Buddhist Institute in Bhutan, Lama Dungtsho earned his Master’s degree in Buddhist philosophy. He performs and teaches visualizations and chants for healing and protection.
Lama D’s training and experience give him a wealth of knowledge, merging ancient wisdom in modern times. Unlike many Lamas, he has been forced to surmount complex life challenges of relationships, parenting, money, and chaos of society, while living the pure Dharma. Lama D is married to Sri Jana, an American Buddhist practitioner also on the faculty at NEU. They live at Keramas Sacred River Village in Bali, where they offer transformational healing retreats.




What is the Significance of Life? Planting Seeds for Paradise

Zoom Classes designed to be 1-hour featuring lecture/teachings with a Q & A session.

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I say that human life and HAVING A HUMAN BODY IS BETTER THAN LIVING IN HEAVEN. This may be a surprise to you, so I’ll give you a hint. Because if you have a human body, you can DO things and raise your level of virtue. But if you live in heaven, you’re dead and you can’t do anything. And in Buddhism, Heaven is temporary – you use up your heaven credits and then have to go back to some kind of a body. This is the problem. You will know more in our class.


What are the four problems?  1. You’re born.  2. You get old.  3. You get sick.  4. You die. 
Everybody in the world has these problems. In fact, it was a terrible shock to the young Prince Gautama Buddha to learn this. Yet nobody wants to talk about the major four problems in life. I will show you how to resolve them.


This is the topic of my large study groups. In our lives we must plant seeds for the future. “Tharbi Sabin” means planting Seeds for Paradise. What is Paradise? What does it mean to plant Seeds for Paradise? I will explain: After death, we enter a temporary realm sometimes called “Bardo”. This is a place for souls in transition, which can be very confusing, because you can’t do anything, and you are alone. But if you develop certain mental habits, you effectively plant seeds into yourself that help you get through this confusion. The goal is to successfully cross through the Bardo. You need to increase your level of awareness. This will give you more virtue and happiness in your next birth. We work to finish our lessons so that when it is our time, we can be free of Samsara, so we do not have to be reborn again.


For this class I would like to introduce a very special higher Celestial being, Chenrezig, also called Alwalokishoria. We will discuss who is this being. And how can we contact him directly?


These dedicated prayers are a key to have a lucky life. They help you get into Paradise, be free of Samsara, achieve enlightenment, and receive big blessings from the higher being Alwalokishoria, or Chenrezig.


Everybody has their own mind, but it’s often mixed up and confused with strange negative thoughts. We all talk from our mind. But now it’s time to refine the mind. I’m going to tell you how to do that.


These are the final steps of the practice. Toward the end of your life, you need practical steps for how to get into Paradise. These are the most detailed and most specific steps in what to visualize, how to end Samsara, and get into Paradise.


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Power Dharma Teachings Course:

What is the Significance of Life? Planting Seeds for Paradise

Live! with Lama D in NEU’s Zoom Classroom

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Start-time: 12 Midnight Bali, Indonesia-time; 12 noon Eastern; 9 am Pacific (USA/Canada)


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  • 7 Classes on Zoom (LIVE)

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  • Valuable Q & A 


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“Thank you for your tireless offerings every day. Your lessons are so inspiring that I weep tears of joy.” ~ Ugyen
“Lama D, living in the world has given you compassion, humility, and understanding.”  You can grasp the most refined Buddhist scriptures and explain them in simple words.” ~ Tenzin
“Thank you, Lama D. You come from the lineage of the highest Buddhist path to freedom from Samsara, and you explain it to everyone. ~ Dorji
“Sometimes advanced Buddhist teachings are beyond me, and I lose hope. Thank you for explaining the most subtle concepts in words I can understand.” ~ Pema
“I am grateful to be in this study group. Your chants and practices protect me and my family in invisible ways.” ~ Damchoe 
“My family appreciates your true empathy toward people. You are like a high Lama, but you don’t wear saffron robes, you don’t shave your head, and you have a wife. I believe you must have lived with Buddhism in your heart for many lifetimes.” ~ Namgye



Thank you for choosing to study POWER DHARMA TEACHINGS at NEU’s School of Consciousness & Spirituality

Peace be with you!

Lama D and NEU Administration

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