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Inner-Child Care curriculum for children of all ages from the NewEarth University (NEU) School of The Living Arts. All info is on this page including enrollment / study access prompts in red for Awaken the Divine Child Within, an online Workshop (replay) taught in English only.

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Awaken The Divine Child Within Workshop

Video-Rreplay with PDF ~ Tuition: $45.00 USD

Enrollment IS OPEN

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Birthing New Earth Families and Children

Return to Your Natural State of Evolution of Growth and Expansion



Meet Your Teacher

Kali Demmel at NEU’s School of The Living Arts

Kali Demmel is a natural born advocate for Inner-Child Care. She came to this world with a strong sense of knowing that, a lot of what she was sold as reality, was completely contrary to the Truth of Creation. Being raised in a picturesque family and society full of traumas and darkness of its own, she was compelled to uncover what could possibly lead to such crazy misconceptions of the purpose of this existence. She choose to transcend the pains she endured in breaking free from the early childhood traumas and conditioning, and turned them into inspired action which eventually became her greatest gifts teaching others. 

With an experienced ability to see into the depths of life, her connection to her life’s purpose is what drives her to empower and create opportunities for healing and manifestation for New Earth Families, Communities and Children of all ages! She believes that the way we will step fully into the New Earth Paradigms, is by transcending the collective self-imposed traumas on our inner-child innocence.



Why Study Inner-Child Care?

Are you in touch with Your Inner-Child? This is a special opportunity to learn how to develop your un-nourished potential and give your inner-child an outlet for Expression in Divine manifestation. This fundamental relational dynamic we all share, opens a door to the Whole of who You were meant to be in this world. Learn how to consciously birth manifestations which uplift you and everyone around you. Repair the innocence of your inner child so that parenting, romantic partnerships and friendships flourish through loving compassionate connections. 

Using her array of professional education and certifications in Metaphysical Sciences, the Healing Arts and her experience working for over 10 years as a one-one coach, Kali shines a light on the first human to human relationship of parent and child. Whether you are a passionate parent or simply a New Earth way-maker here to set the stage for future generations, this fundamental energy-dynamic is something we All effect and are effected by and share by nature. 

Kali has three very strong-willed boys of her own: 10 year old Rocket, 4 year old Ruviam, and 27 month old Rayee who each are constantly inviting her to share her calling! She understands intrinsically, the opportunity and responsibility of reframing the conditionings of her own inner-child and what profound impact this has on the consciousness of her children. 


Online Workshop for You

If you are a parent navigating challenging behaviors,
or simply an individual or couple conceiving the idea of creating a family,
this sacred space designed for children of all ages, is here for you!
Explore what it means to step fully into your creations consciously, and with Divine alignment of your very own inner child.

Enrollment is Open
Are you ready to …
Breakthrough the challenges of dualistic thinking and generational conditioning?
Have a more joyful relationship with your children?
What Kali shares with you in this Workshop:
Learn the inner workings of the wounded Divine Child. 
Learn to unravel the stuck energy dynamics and …
Begin your Alchemization process to aligned manifestation through connecting with your inner-child.


Workshop Fundamentals

  • Divine Child Integration  
  • Re-establishing Divine Will and Empowering the Soul!
  • The impact your Inner Child has on Your Children; and All Creations
  • The responsibility and opportunity we have to repairing Innocence in our lives
  • Remediating the Power and control Structures; essentials for flourishing relationships
  • The significance of surrendering Labels; giving the inner-child both safety and accountability


What You Receive

  • 2-hr PowerPoint Presentation (English)
  • Inspiring Teachings / Tips
  • Guided Meditation
  • Downloadable PDF at Workshop Page
  • 24/7 Access to Video-replay at Workshop Page
    • Replay is not downloadable – you won’t own it


Family Dynamics 

From over 10 years of professional research in understanding the conditioning of the collective inner-child, Kali brings a rich experience, offering heart-based methods and tools to transform your Life in this Workshop. The keys to a flourishing life is vibrant and flourishing relationships. When your fundamental connection to your primary relationship is dynamic, the inner child and the figurative parent is honored and empowered… thus, life can truly become fulfilling and expansive. This relationship, that effects All of your other relationships and reflects our connection to the Divine, Mother Father God, and all of Creation… is the one to YOU!


Please read before enrolling:

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  • Workshop recorded by NEU’s School of The Living Arts
  • NEU Policy: No refund for this Workshop Replay.
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What You Need

  • Student account; ability to navigate NEU for study following protocols in red
  • (Optional) hand-held mirror / paper & pen to take notes.
  • It’s suggested to use a desktop or laptop computer – your option for best viewing.



Awaken the Divine Child Within by Kali Demmel

REPLAY Enrollment: OPEN

Tuition: $45.oo USD


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Workshop Page: Replay & PDF
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Why would I take this Workshop?

Explore …

  • How to develop success in relationships to everyone and everything 

  • Reconnection with the essence of Life through simplicity, allowing for ease of manifestation

  • Ways to deepen your connection with Self which empowers all other connections

  • Empowerment to develop a stronger understanding of Your Life’s Purpose

  • How to allow All relationships to become So much more fulfilling



Get ready for a journey that will be rich and exciting, touching all areas of your life.
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Thank you for choosing to study at NEU’s School of The Living Arts
Kali Demmel

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