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spoken word poet rudy francisco’s “rifle”

  During the 2016 Individual World Poetry Slam, l!ve, modern Spoken Word Poet, Rudy Franscisco recites his poem, Rifle.  Gratitude for this work shared and please support his endeavors. Rudy seeks to create work that promotes healthy dialogue, discourse and social change.  He has made conscious efforts to cultivate...

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sacha stone interview – ne oracle magazine issue #1

  Sacha Stone is founder of the Humanitad Foundation (and its brainchild, the NewEarth movement).  Read the full article (interview by Dan Miele) with this visionary reprinted from NewEarth Oracle magazine, Issue # 1 Article PDF NEU SachaStoneInterview_NEO Issue 1 “I will be the happiest man on earth when...

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Faculty Announcement

FACULTY NEWS! APRIL 2019 ~ In association with the Sound & Music, Visual and Performing Arts discipline of NEU's School of The Living Arts, we are delighted to announce new faculty: Angela Kirby of Australia.

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’19 NE Festival – Bali

NEWS! NewEarth University (NEU) acts as catalyst and brain-trust for the NewEarth Movement inviting all to connect, learn, and play at the NewEarth Festival in Indonesia at our NewEarth Haven ~ June 19-25, 2019.

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5g Film!

MUST SEE! Educational full-length film (March 2019) by Sacha Stone on the stunning 5G Apocalypse. Five months in the making, this definitive documentary exposes the sophisticated high-density 5G existential threat to humanity

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library genesis – free books & articles resource data base

  This site offers a large (millions) updated data base of resources as a free repository for PDF books and articles for your research.  Simply visit and search to your heart’s content for magazines, scientific articles, comics, fiction, standards, etc. at: An example:  NEU staff entered, “stem cells”...

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2019 – films streaming free by faculty, patty greer

  * Staff favorite* 2019: An ocean of gratitude to NEU faculty Patty Greer, our longtime friend of the NewEarth movement for graciously gifting four of her astonishing and important films on Crop Circles and her movie, Women of Today. An award-winning filmmaker hacked egregiously for years with her...

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boom goes julian by stevie big gee (music video)

  Destined to be a (tongue-in-cheek) classic music video FOR THE PEOPLE, Boom Goes Julian is the first single released by Stevie Big Gee (2018).  He believes that it is time for our governing bodies and influential decision-makers to be transparent, honest, accountable and representative of the people.

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