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Divine Mother at the Gate

      Divine Mother at the Gate   I’ve dreamed you a thousand times In many forms   I’ve played with your children In every game   I’ve seen you in crowds Before your time   I’ve heard your whispers In the wind   I’ve tasted your nectar...

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Bitcoin Whitepaper by Satoshi Nakamoto

  Gratitude to Satoshi Nakamoto for providing this Bitcoin Whitepaper free to the world: Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System  Note: Satoshi Nakamoto is the name used by the presumed person (or persons) who wrote the code and developed Bitcoin, authoring its Whitepaper disseminated to the world. The identity of...

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NEU Has Free Mini Courses

  Welcome. Did you know that NEU has a few free mini-courses for you?  Please visit your NEU complimentary course page (see main-menu ~ pull-down / courses) for a few offerings gifted by devoted faculty members of the NewEarth University, click below:   Complimentary Courses     Photo courtesy...

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The Thunder of Truth Hidden Behind The Hurricane of History

  The Thunder of Truth Hidden Behind The Hurricane of History by Dave Emery   An ocean of gratitude to Dave Emery – your NEU fellow at the School of Consciousness & Spirituality – for gifting us with this resource. Check out Dave’s REAL History online Workshop (recorded replay) Approaching...

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NewEarth Dome Clusters

  From faculty members of the Design & Development (the D & D) discipline at NewEarth University’s School of Science & Design Innovation, this brief article with illustrations features some original NewEarth bio-architecture dome clusters and floor plans.     NewEarth Dome Clusters & Floor Plans Mimicking the way...

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Daily Conscious Practices

  This brief resource was researched, compiled and shared by faculty members of the NEU School of Consciousness & Spirituality   Optimal health and wellness is a state of being, which arises when we move beyond unhealthy habits and destructive thought-forms that we often too easily permit.  We must...

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Declaration of Wellness Sovereignty

  The following Declaration of Wellness Sovereignty was created – and gifted to you – by the many talented and devoted faculty members of the NewEarth University School of Health & Wellness.       Declaration of Wellness Sovereignty     Be it known that I, ___________________________________________________________, do hereby...

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1920’s Prediction of the Banksters’ STRAWMAN

Colonel Edward Mandell House Predicts the Creation of the STRAWMAN in the USA   (From the private papers of Woodrow Wilson) In a private meeting with Woodrow Wilson (US President 1913 – 1921) Colonel House predicted the banksters’ plans to enslave the American people. He stated: “Very soon, every...

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Declaration of Sovereignty (share widely)

Your Declaration of Sovereignty gifted by members of the NewEarth Movement and NEU faculty & fellows of the School of Natural Law         Declaration of Sovereignty     Be it known that I, _____________________________________, do hereby declare myself to be a sovereign individual; a living breathing human...

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World Health Sovereignty Summit ’23

  Launched (streamed & recorded LIVE) on September 11 of 2023 by host and panel moderator Sacha Stone with renowned guests Dr. Judy Mikovitz, Del Bigtree and Dr. Naomi Wolf, the World Health Sovereignty Summit (WHSS) continues through October, finishing in November 2023. WHSS 2023 is not just an...

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Healthy Fun Facts

A few healthy fun facts from the School of Health & Wellness faculty members:   Did you know that yawning is quite good for your health and well being?   While reading now… start to yawn a few times in a relaxed manner. Based on research in this arena,...

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