the conscious resistance: reflections on anarchy & spirituality by broze and vibes (pdf book)

PDF of the eBook – The Conscious Resistance

Through a series of essays this book lays out the case for a synthesis of Spiritual Teachings and Anarchist Philosophy as an empowered path towards a more free, conscious world. First, is an outline what exactly the “The Conscious Resistance” is, and then there’s an explanation of the concept of Explorative Agnosticism. Also examined are the topics of animal consciousness and rights, collectivism vs. individuality, conscious healing, panarchy, meditation, psychedelics, consciousness, agorism, feminism, gender roles… and much more.

The book features discussions on the intersection of Anarchy and Shamanism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Taoism, Buddhism, and Hinduism; with historical examples of people living in stateless communities developing their own sense of philosophy (that was intrinsically anti-state).



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