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’23 News!

NEWS! March '23 ~ NEU is delighted to announce a new Administration member: Welcome Curriculum Advisor, Dr. Manely Sharifian

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The “Michael Prophecy” by Dr. Robert Gilbert

  The “Michael Prophecy”: Who We Are and Why We Are Here by Dr. Robert Gilbert, PhD This article, excerpted from the online course: Spiritual Empowerment, reveals one of the great secrets of the Rosicrucian tradition: That we are living in the time of the Greatest Mass Incarnation of...

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Cosmological Report for 2023 – The Fire Wheel

  Cosmological Report for 2023 – The Fire Wheel by Dr. Swan Montague, Faculty Senior Advisor at NEU’s School of Consciousness & Spirituality (February ’23)   In a midnight vision recently Sananda showed me a vision of a tall steel frame, as high as a New York skyscraper, twisting and...

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Welcome Faculty!

NEWS! DEC 2022 ~ NEU's School of Consciousness & Spirituality is delighted to announce Nicole Pinter-Krainer as a new member of its faculty. Welcome!

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Equanimity Amid Chaos & Confusion (article)

  By Linda Yelton, faculty at NewEarth University’s School of Consciousness & Spirituality (Editor’s Note: Gratitude to the author for sharing her drawing and photo for this article, reprinted from the NewEarth Blog, July, 2020)   I am so confused by what is happening in the world today.  I...

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Unveiling the Buddha/Christ Heart Cosmic Wesak Moon

  Article (and artwork) by Dr Swan Montague, Faculty Senior Advisor at NEU’s School of Consciousness & Spirituality   This upcoming full moon might be the most powerful in living memory. This lunar eclipse falls on Wesak, the three-day festival when souls on many planes make the long and...

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Our Future, Made in Africa (film)

  Submitted to NEU’s free library for educational purposes by Dr Chris Cleverly, ITNJ Justice and longtime friend to the NewEarth movement. From the Made in Africa Foundation. The Made In Africa Foundation was founded in 2011 by Ozwald Boateng, Chris Cleverly, Kola Aluko, and Atlantic Energy to support and...

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What are the 6 NEU Schools?

    The following library resource is a brief overview of the purpose for each of the NewEarth University’s Six (6) Schools:   School of Natural Law NewEarth University’s School of Natural Law was created to help lead the planetary conversation on sovereignty while exploring innovative means to assist...

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