the tree of life: bioinformative new technology / courses

Courses and a variety of resources/technology developed by:

Arkady Petrov

His works focus on new knowledge of man and the universe, about the possibilities of controlling the reality with consciousness. Arcadij Petrov’s task is to bring men to God and he works mainly with the soul, getting a deep work; it’s a spiritual awakening path through New Technologies Bioinformative, the MAX and MORITZ can drive processes both healing, of organ regeneration, both piloting of reality.

Grigorij Grabovoj®

Is an academician of the International Academy of Informatization, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Director of the Federal Service Aviation, Russia. Grigori Grabovoi has the task of bringing God to men, mostly working with consciousness with a scientific approach based on numerical sequences.

The Association of Social Promotion Dorini works to initiate and coordinate the programs and activities for the dissemination and training on technologies Bioinformazionali Russe, setting up working groups to study and research in holistic disciplines.

The courses are taught by a certified Trainer, directly by Arcadij Petrov.
It is specified that each trainer is independent, with non-performing visits; seminars, CDs or other products are not sold. The seminars will study the techniques put forth by Arcadij Petrov and Grigori Grabovoi.




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