New-Paradigm Learning – NETU Undergraduate, Grad & Postgrad Courses


New Earth Theological University (NETU) is a unique online degree-granting institution in alliance with the ethos of NewEarth University. Originally founded as a seminary by its former President, Dr. Stafford, it morphed through the years into a fresh, new-paradigm academic learning community with modern theological curricula rooted in Oneness based on the all-inclusive Interspiritual Movement.

Some NETU professors and teachers are also faculty members of the NewEarth University (NEU).

Undergraduate, Master’s and PhD degrees in Religious Studies are awarded to students completing rigorous research and studies in interdisciplinary programs that champion new ways of being – new pedagogy (learning methodology) in the areas of consciousness and spirituality.

New Earth Theological University presently has 3 School Platforms:

  • School of Interspirituality Studies

  • Seminary Studies (modern theological – intrafaith; non-denom)

  • School of Anthropology & Sociology of Religion (ASR)  is an affiliate of the NewEarth University


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