natural law’s direct path to healing trauma by greg paul (article)


Excerpted from Greg Paul’s article:  It’s a tricky thing – trauma… firstly, to even see that one has it, then to actually deal with it.  The fact that most everyone has it, so people love to support each other’s denial of it, plus the fact that almost every trauma therapist is themselves living in some form of denied trauma, and obviously no one can take someone further than they have yet gone themselves, means that it is difficult for us as a society to tackle this incredibly challenging situation.

But what if there was a REALLY simple solution to both of these problems?  Firstly to make it patently obvious to everyone where and how they carry trauma, and secondly to outline a simple path that one can follow to heal it for themselves?  Well luckily… there is!  I call it ‘The Sovereign’s Way’ and it is nothing more or less than the process of harmonizing oneself with natural law.

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