heal yourself TV with dr danielle brooks – the art of dying well guest, zenith virago


What does it mean to die well?
What if we saw death as a constant wake-up to being present to life, to see with new eyes and live more fully – whatever that means for each of us.

In this candid conversation on death, join Heal YourSelf host, Dr. Danielle Brooks and her guest, Zenith Virago – both faculty advisors at the NewEarth University School of Health & Wellness.  Zenith has spent over 25 years as a Deathwalker and expert in the holistic field of Death, Dying & Ceremony.  She is co-author of The Intimacy of Death and Dying, and the subject of an acclaimed independent documentary, Zen & The Art of Dying.

This cutting-edge program is part of the NewEarth Project TV network, a whole spectrum health talk show celebrating a healthy mind, healthy body and healthy spirit.  When we initiate self healing we begin the journey from suffering to empowerment.  Your host, Danielle Brooks holds a PhD in Human Development and is a professor at  New Earth Theological University.



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