Film: The Business of Cancer by Sonia Poulton (w/ faculty Lewis Montague)


*** NEU Staff Favorite! Click below “read more” to view film full-size. The Business of Cancer features NewEarth University’s School of Health & Wellness (longtime faculty member Lewis Montague) championing the worldwide narrative for natural treatments to eradicate cancer. MUST SEE! (Now with 50,000 + views)

! NOTE ! This documentary from professional journalist Sonia Poulton that we have had for you in this Library was actually deleted from YouTube! for “violating YouTube’s terms of service”! Seriously? How egregious.

Sonia’s seminal work exposing the big rapacious “C” and various other atrocities around the world (especially now revealing the depths of pedophilia within core governmental offices) has caused her great personal harm. Please support this courageous hero whom has been threatened and deplatformed. Thank you.

Your NEU staff finally found this eye-opening film still on the internet now in the Rumble platform. Thank goodness it had been copied by someone to help spread the word. Thank you to “flatearther46” for keeping this work alive at your channel.



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