bill windsor’s site & documentary: lawless america began as the story of William M. Windsor’s personal experience with judicial corruption and government corruption.  Due to publicity about his efforts with the United States Supreme Court, thousands of people began telling Bill their stories, and this site morphed into one dedicated to exposing dishonesty and corruption...

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muscle cells – part 1 (video)

  A 10-min. tutorial video gifted by the creative folks at Crash Course showcasing the cells of your muscles.  Join 2.6 million viewers in an exploration of muscles with a look at the complex and important relationship between actin and myosin myofilaments… and more like: smooth, cardiac, and skeletal...

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boom goes julian by stevie big gee (music video)

  Destined to be a (tongue-in-cheek) classic music video FOR THE PEOPLE, Boom Goes Julian is the first single released by Stevie Big Gee (2018).  He believes that it is time for our governing bodies and influential decision-makers to be transparent, honest, accountable and representative of the people.

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