UCC Course: How to Own Your Strawman by Bibi Bacchus (FALL ’20)



5-week online Introductory UCC Course: How to Own YOUR Strawman
L!VE Conducted through the zoom platform at NEU (at no extra cost for you)

WEDNESDAYS September 30 – October 28 starting at 7 pm (London, UK Time-Zone)

Taught by Bibi Bacchus, faculty senior advisor at NEU’s School of Natural Law

IMPORTANT: AFTER Enrollment CLOSES September 23, return then to Bibi’s UCC page for your ACCESS BUTTON

NOTE: There are no video class-replays for this Course.


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NewEarth University (NEU) presents UCC: How to Own Your Strawman 

FALL of 2020: WEDNESDAYS @ 7 pm London, UK-time zone

September 30 – October 28

A 5-week Online Introductory COURSE

  • Faculty: Bibi Bacchus, senior advisor in the NEU School of Natural Law
  • Presentation:  Intro UCC Course during 5-Weeks of 2-hour Classes (l!ve online at NEU’s Zoom Classroom; this Course has no video-replays)
  • Content: 5 NEU UCC Class Pages – 1 page access per Class for homework assignments/study; downloadable PDFs; email with Instructor
  • Enrollment: Limited
  • Language: English
  • Tuition: $499.00 USD

Note: NEU policy does not offer any payment plans or partial tuition; there are no refunds after the first class has begun. Some of the instructor’s course materials are Copyrighted ©.


What you will learn in this Intro UCC Course:

  • step-by-step protocol fundamentals of owning your strawman:
  • how to reclaim your fiction – ucc1 financing statement (you will file that);
  • information for filing your allodial title;
  • the hold harmless and indemnity agreement;
  • the security agreement;
  • your name copyrighting;
  • how to sign; how to rescind signatures Nunc pro tunc;
  • an affidavit of non-corporate status;
  • motor vehicle and your rights; the driver’s license;
  • how to properly fill out forms (PDFs you will receive) to help you accomplish this strawman process by yourself
  • valuable tips from Bibi’s vast life and worldwide UCC teaching experience
  • Q & A

Each class is designed to be about 2 hours long (some may go longer) and features two parts of the overall Uniform Commercial Code (UCC). Classes have a Q & A Session.

As Bibi Bacchus states: This Course is not a “one-time event” for students, it is groundwork for them to learn, study and grow… Students in this UCC Course will have to study the information presented and understand it, which I explain – in detail – during its five (5) classes.

According to your instructor, UCC law is international; and you will learn to navigate through the system no matter what part of the world you live in. The 5-week Intro UCC Course will be helpful for you to see reality more clearly. You will receive important forms and learn how to fill them out and file them yourself.

Bibi’s digital classroom is l!ve (on Zoom) Wednesdays at 7 pm London- time-zone. For time-signatures in your area consult a time-zone converter: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter-classic.html

What Bibi suggests you need: Printer to print PDF forms before each class. Careful study of all forms. Writing paper and pen to take notes. Focused study between classes of her course materials and practice filling out all the forms. Ask me questions… do not guess!

Meet your instructor in this eye-opening, 40-min UCC video with Bibi Bacchus & Sacha Stone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3NJMhSZtaU&t=80s

Enjoy this intensive and enlightening Course!



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