School of Science & Design Innovation Welcomes New Fellow

NewEarth University’s School of Science & Design Innovation is delighted to announce that our longtime Science & Technology faculty member, Doug Linman, PhD has graciously accepted the invitation to join with esteemed colleagues as a Fellow focused on deepening research in the discipline of Science & Technology.  In tandem with his burgeoning projects, Doug gladly remains a senior science advisor for NewEarth University’s “NEST.”

Dr. Linman, from California, USA, is considered the father of Solar Liquid Power (SLP).  He co-founded MQ Corporation (Molecular Quartermasters) to facilitate the applications of this life-changing technology.  Recently, his SLP technology experiments were rocketed into space, and favorably tested at the International Space Station (ISS).  This was a great feat requiring years of effort, and therefore we honor Doug and his crew for this exemplar achievement.

Also a musician for many years, Doug is a man of many talents evident by his lecturing skill-set as a fervent champion of nanotechnology (see his TEDx Talk).  He’s an integral part of our New Earth family with much to offer.  Presently he’s working on a Fringe Sciences course to embed within NEU and regularly contributes comprehensive articles for the NE News Blog and NewEarth Oracle (NEO) magazine.

A guest on Kaleidoscope — your NEU educational web TV program of conscious conversation from A to Z — Dr. Linman shares cutting-edge information gleaned from four decades of work at the vanguard of nanoscience.  Enjoy one of these related programs HERE on your New Earth Project YouTube channel.

~ Welcome Dr. Doug Linman ~


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