’22 Courses

NEU is delighted to announce its Winter Semester 2022 with the return of a popular in-depth course from the School of Natural Law: Intro UCC 5-week Course: How to Own Your Strawman; as well as new Workshop Replays from the School of Health & Wellness; and the School of Science & Design Innovation.


  • Enrollment OPENS January 30 for the School of Natural Law’s UCC Intro Course: 

The UCC 5-week Introductory Course: How to Own Your Strawman returns by popular demand for its 8th consecutive semester, taught by faculty advisor Bibi Bacchus; Class 1 starts Thursday, February 17

For more info / enrollment / access prompts at NEU’s COURSES main-menu, pull-down:

UCC: How to Own Your Strawman: https://newearth.university/courses/ucc-how-to-own-your-strawman/



  • New from the School of Health & Wellness:

Your enrollment is OPEN  …

2 hour Workshop by faculty Sri Jana: 3 White Light Meditations / A Toolset for Strategic Inner Focus.

Visit her SPIRIT MEDICINE Course page to learn more: https://newearth.university/courses/spirit-medicine/



  • New from the School of Science & Design Innovation:

Your enrollment is OPEN …

3 + hour Workshop by faculty/fellow, Dr Sandra Rose Michael: The Future of Medicine

Visit her INTEGRATIVE BIO-PHYSICS Courses page to learn more: https://newearth.university/applied-integrative-bio-physics/






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