5-Week INTRO UCC COURSE – Winter 2021

NewEarth University (NEU) presents an online Intro Course, UCC: How to Own Your Strawman

Taught by Bibi Bacchus, faculty senior advisor at NEU’s School of Natural Law

5 THURSDAYS @ 3 pm Guyana-time zone (South America); 11 am Pacific; 2 pm Eastern /USA-Canada; 7 pm UK-time, etc.


Bibi’s digital classroom on Zoom commences February 4  / ending March 4, 2021


This is Bibi’s MAIN COURSE PAGE that links to CLASS 1 – WELCOME PAGE

And forthcoming CLASS Pages 2-5

CLICK YOUR COURSE CONTENT BELOW (bottom of this page) ↓


FOLLOW 1-2-3 Instructions when you return to study:

1. Always go to Bibi’s UCC-Strawman Page at NEU Main-Menu pull-down for COURSES

2. Scroll-down that page to your UCC 5-WEEK COURSE ACCESS BUTTON (where you enrolled)

3. Click ACCESS BUTTON to Enter Here and CLICK BELOW for the CLASS Pages 

IMPORTANT FOR ACCESS: Log-in with your NewEarth Account credentials – the SAME NAME / EMAIL ADDESS on that account used to enroll in the NEU system. If you attempt to use a different email address, you will not ACCESS CLASS PAGES BELOW. Thank you.

The Course Includes:

  • 2-hour (or more) online Classes featuring key aspects of the overall Uniform Commercial Code (UCC).

  • Important UCC PDFs for you to download PRIOR to each of the 5 CLASSES

  • Q & A 

  • CLASS 1-5 PAGES will be available for study at the NEU website for an EXTRA 4 WEEKS after your Course ends

  • Help outside of Classes (your homework review) with the instructor via her NEU-UCC email address

    • Course email with your instructor extends – for an EXTRA 4 WEEKS ONLY – after the last Class ends;

    • Students are not to share that UCC email address with anyone;

    • The SAME NAME on the UCC Course Student Roster MUST BE USED with eMail

      • Unknown email addresses/names, nicknames, family names, etc. will NOT be recognized.

What You Need

  • Download free Zoom BEFORE the Course begins;

    • Your SAME NAME on the UCC Course Student Roster from enrollment MUST BE USED with Zoom

    • Unknown Zoom account nicknames, names of friends, relatives, etc. will NOT be admitted from Zoom’s waiting-room.

  • A printer to print downloadable PDFs – BEFORE – each class;

  • Careful reading and study of ALL forms;

  • Writing paper and pen to take notes during each Class;

  • Folder (labeled UCC Course) to keep all of your printed forms organized.

  • Your focused study and homework – between classes – of ALL course materials.

  • Lots of practice filling out forms.

  • Ask questions in CLASS … do not guess!

Each Class is live only (There are no recordings)

↓   CLICK for UCC COURSE Content BELOW   ↓

To enter CLASS 1 PAGE, it will show GREEN with a √ check-mark. (Only enrolled students have access here!)  ↓

If it does not click thru to CLASS 1 you may not be logged-in with your NE Account credentials. Remember to check that when using different devices like an iPad, smart-phone, etc. or any brand-new device.

Good luck in your heroic studies to own your strawman. Move now into CLASS 1 … ↓ ↓ ↓



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