Zenith Virago (Faculty)

Conscious Dying Pioneer School of Health & Wellness

As a Deathwalker, Zenith Virago is a respected elder, pioneer & expert in the field of holistic death, dying and ceremony.  With 20 years’ experience, she provides comfort, information and guidance to assist us through the natural and the sacred, the inner and outer journeying as we come to the end of our life.   She has created a deathstyle which compliments any lifestyle, with a meaningful and appropriate approach, that encourages participation and ownership by the person, family and friends. Zenith understands everyone has the capacity to do death well, and through education and sharing her wealth of experience and knowledge, every community can have someone that holds that place.  With a lightness of being, compassion and integrity she accompanies many people and those that love them, through our final and ultimate experience.  Her enthusiastic and empowering approach allow for a richer exploration, whilst assisting people to reclaim their legal rights and their rites of passage.  Zenith has lived in Byron Bay, Australia for over 30 years, celebrating life and death in that great community, seeing her work as a privilege and an important part of her life’s journey; she has a deep love and gratitude for the wonderful mystery of which we are all a part.  Zenith is also a Speaker and the co-author of the Intimacy of Death and Dying (Allen & Unwin 2009).


  • Expertise (not so clear with this one?)
  • Authentic and compassionate communication
  • Caring, kind and insightful presence
  • Embodiment of my experience with others and my own work
  • Respect for everyone’s capacity
  • Being with difficult and distressing situations
  • Core commitment to humanity and the best we can be
  • Does a great funeral!


  • EO : The Natural Death Care Centre
  • Trainer & member: The Byron Hospice Service
  • Tweed Palliative Service
  • Natural Death Advocacy Network
  • Tender funerals ( NFP community based )
  • NewEarth University, Faculty, School of Health & Wellness (discipline of, Conscious Birth & Dying)


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