Yasus Afari (Fellow)

edutainment specialist ~ poet & reggae artist School of The Living Arts

Yasus Afari is a leading Jamaican Dub Poet, Reggae Artiste, Social Advocate, Author and “Edutainer” and is widely recognized as the epitome and embodiment of a Jamaican cultural icon. In fact, Yasus has frequently been described as one of Jamaica’s national treasures and an International Jewel.

Yasus has traveled the world extensively; successfully carrying his unique Edutainment Lecture Performance Concert Series, Reggae Performances and Interactive Workshops to numerous festivals, theatres, universities, colleges, schools, prisons, seminars, conferences and other relevant entities across the international community.  He designs and tailors his presentations and performances, equally effectively, to work solo, with an acoustic set or with his personal Dub Vijan Band.

Workshops are interactive and may include: Human Spirituality, Entrepreneurship, Environmental Morality, World History and Cultures, flavoured with Poetry, Story Telling, Dance and Reggae Music.

Whether he is doing a lecture, lecture-performance, playing with a band, an acoustic set or solo, Yasus Afari is flexible and designs his presentations to meet specific objectives.  His extensive interactions in the Caribbean, Africa, UK, Europe, Japan, Australia and New Zealand, among others, enabled Yasus Afari to hone his people-centered performance and presentation technique.  This technique is now used as an applied art, which balances, harmonizes and integrates entertainment with education.  This technique is what he dubs ‘edutainment’ and it utilizes the entire spectrum of the creative, cultural, literary and performing arts, as an effective medium in social intervention, consensus building, social renewal and positive, empowering social transformation.

Yasus has often been asked to use this technique and has successfully tailored programs for youth and adults, who are deemed “hard to reach”.

Yasus Afari’s Edutainment Lecture-Performance Workshops can be designed to meet specific needs:

1. Jamaica Language and Culture – A Poetic Journey through Jamaica Memory Lane with Laughter, Love and Learning which he calls Pomedy, which is an eclectic mix of music, storytelling poetry and comedy.

2. The Levity of Human Spirituality: Prior unity, Mother Earth, our shared human origins and history, attributes, values, concepts, beliefs, practices, symbols, worship / rituals, food and nutrition, gender relationships and customs, festivals and celebrations, World View and Perspectives, global consensus, healing and reconciliation, environmental responsibility, redemption and the ancient future.  These are based on Yasus Afari’s bestselling book, “Overstanding Rastafari: Jamaica’s Gift to the World”, which he presented to parliaments in Jamaica, around the world and as an ambassador at the Parliament of the World’s Religions.

3. Creative Poetry/Writing – Identifying and releasing the feelings, emotions, fears, successes, aspirations, apprehensions and talents and creatively channeling those energies into positive expressions via Poetry, Music, Dance, Story Telling, Drama and Comedy.

4. Turning Negatives into Positives – Using Yasus Afari’s own Poetry and success story of Positive re-enforcement against the backdrop of the colonial history and the Trans-Atlantic Triangle to demonstrate how all the peoples of this triangle can and ought to reverse the negativity of the Trans-Atlantic genocide into a positive culture and history of caring, sharing, healing, redemption and renewal of all humanity.

5. One Earth, One Love, One Humanity – Green Faith, Green Morality and Shared Human Spirituality:
The mental journeying through the birth and development of mental and physical man, humanity, our shared history, shared existence, shared social responsibility and destiny. Looking at spirituality and comparative religion, and the advocacy and basis for social, religious and cultural harmony which can link us all, as children/citizens of One Earth, One Love, One Humanity.

Yasus Afari is the author of two best-selling books; ‘Overstanding Rastafari – Jamaica’s Gift to the World’ and the ‘Eye Pen’ anthology. He has eight albums of Poetry and Music, the current one is, Public Secret.

Yasus is the Rastafari Ambassador to the Parliament of the World’s Religions and a representative at the Global Cooperative Forum. He is currently short-listed as Jamaica’s Poet Laureate (the first since Jamaica’s Independence) and was recently nominated for a UN Fellowship Program for People of African Descent.

Yasus Afari skillfully operates across many spheres of activities and is grounded, informed, and inspired by his Rastafarian Faith and Levity and his mantra of “One Earth, One Love, One Humanity.”

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