William Brown (Fellow)

New Technology Biophysicist School of Science & Design Innovation


William Brown is a biophysicist and research scientist at the Resonance Project Foundation ( and Hawai’i Institute for Unified Physics (, where he performs experimentation and theoretical work to better understand the physics of the biological system. He explores all systems of knowledge, from physics and biology to the nature of consciousness, and describes this comprehensive synthesis in what he calls the Science of Universal Life (SOUL). Although his exploration of understanding is all inclusive, William’s professional background is in cellular and molecular biology.

He has worked in numerous laboratory facilities across the United States and has extensive experience in molecular biology research. After ten years of studying the biochemical processes of molecular biology, William has begun to investigate the biophysics of living organisms, specifically how the biological system interfaces with the nonlocal field of the quantum vacuum. Put simply, the biological system is a quantum macromolecular network, and quanta necessarily interact with the quantized vacuum. By its inherent nature, spacetime is nonlocal. Therefore, the biological system is connected to a nonlocal field, which may function as an underlying information matrix that is universal in scale and transtemporal in scope. This has led to a revolutionary way of viewing the biological system with remarkable implications for what it is to be human, as well as for therapeutics and regenerative applications.

William is currently working to bring forth new technologies and ideas to assist in the advancement of civilization and the health and well being of our society.



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