Swan Montague, PhD (Faculty)

Swan A. Montague is a mystic, visionary, author, artist, teacher and cosmologist with a M.A. in Spiritual Philosophy and Ph.D. in Metaphysics and The Healing Arts, author of Caviar for the Soul and the quartet, The Book of Sahra, Jesus’ Secret Wife. She creates the unique sacred wall-hangings known as Temple Veils. Her mission is The Sacred World Renaissance, bringing the synergy of sacred living and being back to everyday life.

A faculty member and senior spiritual advisor at NewEarth University’s School of Consciousness & Spirituality, as well as Honorary Member of The Club of Budapest, she has taught and spoken throughout the western world to people from all walks of life on how karma and a deeper spiritual awareness is the lost key to living a powerful, peaceful, healthy and abundant life.

Past collaborations include Andrew Harvey, Jude Currivan, Dr. David Hawkins, Steven Sadleir, Michael Beckwith’s Agape Church, Lama Surya Das, Arun Gandhi, Tony Samara, Kane Minkus and Jeff Slayter, (Industry Rockstar Directors), Ervin Laszlo, Eben Alexander, Raymond Moody, Lynne McTaggart, Jill Purce and Sinead O’Connor, and more …

In August 2020 she was given by Yeshua and Sahra, The 17th Dimensional God & Goddess, Christ of the Piscean Age and Divine Feminine Christ of the Aquarian Age, the 17 Edicts of the New Laws of Karma.

Her current syllabus is the culmination of 30+ years’ proprietary healing, ascension and transformational techniques that she has used to save her own life and that of many others, SOLEI 17. This system is a unique, high vibratory, multi-dimensional, Divine Feminine self-healing vibrating unified filed of 17th Dimensional Divine Consciousness & Love, The Sacred Order of Light, Energy & Information 17. SOLEI 17 activates The Thousand Suns Lotus within Illuminees, and leads to a Facilitator’s Training course in SOLEI 17 and membership of the Lotuses of The Thousand Suns network.

21 years ago Swan was given 3 months to live.

She emerged from 12 years of seclusion, in which she spent over 12 hours a day in communion with Divine Masters, healing herself and clearing over 15,000,000 souls from the planet’s astral darkness. A medical intuitive who is able to track and heal the causes of dis-ease through multi-dimensional realities and align people to their highest soul and purpose, her passion is enhancing divine connection deep within people’s being, activating and accelerating divine inspiration, creativity and purpose.

Swan’s unique form of sacred art, Temple Veils, are fields of divine consciousness, doorways into Celestial Realms, which transport their audience into divine rapture. In 2015, she created the Global Online PeacePrayer Summit, in which spiritual and thought-leaders and leading musicians collaborated with worldwide audiences to generate a wave of healing and peace for the Middle East.

Swan is available for private and group consults, Temple Veil commissions and Sacred Art & Poetry events, all under the umbrella of her brand: Sacred BySwan.


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