Shakara Lyon (Fellow)

Consciousness & Spirituality Advisor School of Consciousness & Spirituality


Shakara Lyon lives on an idyllic island in the north of New Zealand. Inspired by the beauty of the natural landscape & Eden-like nature of this south pacific isle, a part of Shakara’s inspiration & message is in response to the ever-changing exquisite nature of this part of the World.

A Lover of Beauty in all its forms, she considers it a Touchstone & Guide that reveals the deeper & Essential “Nature’ of the Divine Life, which Beauty both Clothes & ‘Veils.’ A Photo-artist, Dancer, Soul-Centered Astrologer, Teacher, Researcher, Writer & Student of Life, a sense of Sacredness is present in all she does as, ‘Eyes & Hands & Heart’, reach to drink more fully from the ‘One Great Ocean.’

As Man is called to make a work of Art of his Existence & so begins the Art of Living …


At a certain point Shakara lay aside her fascination with picturesque displays & sought the root of the LIFE behind the ‘Beauty ‘Veil.’  As Inner & outer Landscapes meshed, revealed was the Source of Existence ItSelf, of which everyone is intrinsically sourced from and a part.

Today Shakara is no longer trying to ‘create’ temples & sacred spaces as a way of ‘contacting’ the Divine, but is at play in the New ‘EARTH TEMPLE,’ wielding beauty wherever inspiration calls, in co-creative play with nature, sacred geometry & architecture, in soulful manifestations. The note to others is encouragement to create & manifest their own piece of Paradise and as The New Earth, as One Humanity, lets ‘‘Enter The Garden.’


Shamballa Tantra is co-facilitated by Shakara & Bruce Lyon, offering intensives, retreats & unique Adventures for couples & singles in exotic locations around the world. Key is a Whole New Paradigm of Relating, that directly engages & integrates Polarity & the Sacred Paradox of Duality, in a Field of Love. Revealed is the Divine Hermaphrodite which lays behind BOTH Masculine & Feminine, Light & Dark, Sex, Spirit & Matter.

Shamballa Tantra is a unique synthesis of some of the Worlds Spiritual, Tantric & Mystery School Traditions adding Eros, Power & Potency to the Evolutionary Charge of Spirit, the Mother/Father Godhead, in Sacred Hu-man-ifestation.

Shakara also hosts workshops & adventures for Women to empower their “Inner Masculine” to balance, harmonize & deeply support their Femininity to Flower. Shakara loves the Sahara! She’s journeyed to Egypt & into the Sahara Desert for an initiatory “Wilderness Temple” Experience.


Shamballa School began as an international residential esoteric school, based in New Zealand. It is now an open source online community with books, resources, social networking & occasional international gatherings that fosters a non-dual, trans-lineage approach to the Heart of the New Earth Journey. Increasingly recognized is our micro & macro-cosmic inter-relationship, fed by one Central Power Source, Life, or Supra-Being, organized around a Supreme Center, which we call Shamballa. Earlier, many of the ‘inner’ teachings from the various Traditions spoke of a prototypic “Holy Land” or Primordial Center Point known as various names, “White Island” “Mount Sion,” or seen in the symbol of the “Tree of Life’ at the Center of a Paradisical Garden. Today the animating force of this Central Life is re-organising ItSelf in & through our individual, planetary & cosmic LIFE. Planetary power points & sacred centers can be likened to the system of chakra’s & nadis in the human body, each one responding to a magnetic Center that ‘calls’ & demands knowledge & acquiescence. Contact with the innermost Heart of our Universal system naturally elicits our response which includes a movement towards Global Community & a Vision of a New Earth, which has at its Core the Wholly, Holy “I.” It’s little wonder in this context that central to a ‘New Earth’ is the process of “Sacredisation.” Here is the Place where the ‘’Language of Love’ arises from the Silent Depths & the Essence of Our ONE True Nature, shines Forth .


Earth as Eden is not a ‘return’ to something that has been lost, but rather a present day co-creation that bridges Worlds, NOW! Involved are all the people of Earth and all the Kingdoms in Nature, in one Great Universal Dance.

As part of the NewEarth Project, where will you express the Creativity of Your Soul?

Each ‘one’ of us is wholly unique & where you stand & make a stand is Holy Ground. What part of this Great Human, Planetary & Cosmic Design is your Joy to experience, express & co-creatively manifest?! Today we are feeling the birth pangs as the great Gaia Heart pulses & the ‘New Earth’ is Born & us along with it!



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