Robert J Pascoe (Faculty)

Mr Robert J Pascoe brings to NewEarth University’s School of Socio-Economics & Ecology his expertise gained from 40 years in the business community.  Once graduated from high school in 1969, Robert went to Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) and then into a career surveying for Entek Engineering (a family business).  There he learned installation of sewer, water, underground and roadways including curb, gutter and sidewalks as well as blueprint reading, some drafting and all aspects in regard to being a surveyor.  After a number of years with that company and attaining Senior Surveyor certification, Robert expanded into business for himself.

He became a working partner in BSP Developments Ltd. where he educated himself in commercial building to add to his construction knowledge.  When his partner retired, Robert established his own company PSC Investments Ltd. and scaled back to building residential while traveling throughout North America.  In the early ’90s because of the economic downturn Robert decided to open Pascoe Products and Services Ltd. and a subsidiary called, Evercrete Engineered Solutions Canada Ltd.  These companies established manufacturing, marketing and applications of concrete sealants in British Columbia, Canada and consequently throughout the world.  Mr Pascoe consulted for other companies and replaced Evercrete Engineered Solutions with Dynacrete International for manufacture, leaving Pascoe Products to do the marketing and applications.  During this time Robert travelled extensively throughout SE Asia and Europe and worked developing environmental solutions in the industry.

As a result of the environmental nature of the products, Robert was led into Green Technologies and at the turn of the century became involved with Green Technology and how to help better the world with these technologies.  This also brought him into the realms of Green Energy Production, the most up-to-date worldwide Green Technologies and how to supply them to the general population.  Because of his background in product development, marketing and consulting, Robert joined a group of companies in Malaysia to establish modern Green Technology in the SE Asia area and provide this advanced tech and products to move the region into better Nature-friendly alternatives.  Mr. Pascoe – along with this group – feel that together they can become a driving force in SE Asia to supply and help educate the industry in the newest technologies and products available in the world.  By doing so they help to sustain the industry, and at the same time, keep the region on track with the world’s current Environmental movement.  Robert has also joined forces with the renowned “Mr. Green” Matthias Gelber to do educational programs on Green Business and its development of products. Mr. Pascoe is establishing business globally with Crystal Blue Enterprises and now registered Crystal Blue Global Ltd (a HK corp) and Crystal Blue Sales LLC (a Delaware corp) and in coordination with his business partners has developed distribution and marketing along with testing in Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, India, Viet Nam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, North and South America and Europe.  In tandem with his networks the company has now become a global enterprise.

On the faculty in a research tract, Robert will be sharing cutting-edge, inspiring work in the R & D, educational and business arena of Green Technologies, culled from his extensive background and passion.  He will also be cross-pollinating this seminal research with NEU’s School of Science & Design Innovation. (2019)



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