Gillian aka “GiGi” Parkinson (Staff)

Gillian aka “GiGi” Parkinson joined the NewEarth University volunteer team during early 2021 in the arena of Marketing bringing 35 years of global experience in Marketing, Advertising and Business Development.

She has lived in Venezuela, Chile, Trinidad and the US, and is grateful for having the opportunity of dealing and thriving in highly diverse cultural environments.

Working for International Corporations such a Yum Brands (former PepsiCo – Restaurant Division); Liqui Moly GmbH; and SM Jaleel, Gillian has travelled most of South America, Central America and The Caribbean dealing with food franchisees, distributers of general and non-alcoholic beverage industries developing and increasing the bonds between all parties for progress and growth.

Innovative and a results-driven individual, Gillian Parkinson has first-hand experience in increasing business opportunities and sales. Being systematic, organized, committed and aiming for excellence in all endeavors, these integral qualities have made her always take the right decision at the right time.

Gillian has strength and passion for people’s development; her motto is, “my why is empowering you to greatness”.

She creates a contributing and efficient work environment which she highly embraces and thereby empowers. A natural and enthusiastic trouble-shooter, Gillian has a drive for challenges and a proven record to develop efficient business networks between diverse ethnic, multilingual and varied cultural groups. This is a welcomed alignment for the continued expansion of the worldwide NewEarth University.

Many interests engulf her life: coaching businesses and people; developing products; and spirituality are some of them. Currently, Gillian also Coordinates a Non-Profit called, Celestial Physicians for the English-Speaking Communities.


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