Naomi Cook, RN (Administration, Staff)

NEU Social Media Support

Naomi Cook, RN is a masters qualified Registered Nurse with a BA Hons in Philosophy and Theology. She works as a Reiki Master & Energy Healer, Author, Blogger, and Children’s You Tuber. She recently received her Permaculture Design Certificate and is working through her Permaculture Teacher’s Certificate. Naomi started a YouTube series, “Muddy Earthlings” ( to help ignite and foster a sense of earth connection and eco-responsibility in children that is so often absent in our current climate. Naomi perceives the human + planetary disconnect as one of the biggest sources of ‘dis-ease.’ She continues to create projects aiming to help humans remember and foster their Planetary Connection and Sovereignty via her fledgling movement, “Gaia Game-Changers”.

Naomi has written a series of children’s health and wellness themed picture books called, The Little Bush Nurse and a memoir on her journey to heal her daughter after she suffered from a brain tumour and catastrophic health fallout, How She Healed Me. She is also the Founder of Project Starseed, a grassroots global and cosmic movement to help re-define and shift perspectives on what it means to be human; the ‘I Am Starseed’ group supports, shares, and works on consciousness expansion, self-actualisation, and the conscious co-creation 4th Density reality.

Naomi originally joined NEU as a volunteer in 2019 helping to develop international seed-bank coordination; she now assists the Administration team with social media support.


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