Lee Davy (Faculty)

Modern Day Samauri Teacher School of Consciousness & Spirituality

Lee Davy (presently based in Canada) is a lifelong student of personal growth, a Thinking Into Results facilitator, Training In Power energy healer and teacher, speaker, fitness innovator, inventor, best selling author and transformational leader.  On a personal level, Lee has been drawn to personal growth for nearly three decades.  Over the course of his professional career, he has opened and successfully run his own gym in Toronto, created a training methodology complete with a workout video series and training manual.  Lee is a certified consultant and coach with the Proctor/Gallagher Institute, teaching success and abundance principles, as well as a meditation and metaphysics teacher with Training In Power.  Lee has also created a children’s wellness game, (currently being tested in a YMCA youth Summer camp), has written a nutrition manual, created a meditation and Qi building video series and is working on his third and fourth books, to date.  He has initiated a program based on his life’s work called, Modern Day Samurai, which includes many of the above materials and his approach after 30 years of personal experience on creating balance of mind, body and Soul.  Lee has worked with a life transformation retreat centre in Costa Rica and has recently co-developed the Co-Creator Society, while running his own health and consciousness transformation retreats.  Lee’s goal and life purpose is to assist individuals in their sense of security, overall life balance, consciousness and health so that they, in turn, can bring their highest and healthiest selves into every life situation and business environment, thereby creating a cohesive, collaborative and creative culture, no matter what the situation.


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