Kali Demmel, B.Msc. (Faculty)

As a New Earth visionary, Mother, and guide, Kali Demmel is whole-heartedly anchored in her soul’s mission of pioneering the neu ways of living in community on the beautiful Mother Earth. Alignment and dedication to her life’s work has lead her to a way of being which continues to transform her life experience in unimaginable ways.

The gifts she is blessed to share with others are greatly influenced by her work in shamanistic trainings, an array of studies in the healing arts, her degree in Metaphysical Sciences, over 15 years of experience working with clients as a transformational beauty consultant, and most influentially, her work surrounding children and child-birth while collaborating within intentional communities around the globe. 

Through the School of The Living Arts, developing and implementing transformational curriculum for children of all ages rooted in the understanding of energy dynamics, is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Kali’s potential teaching at the University. The potent potential for expansion in this life is what fuels her work, and within the contractions what inspires that very expansion. She is beyond humbled to her connection and role on the faculty as an Inner-Child Care Instructor with the NewEarth University and looks forward with reverence to connecting with you.



June 2022


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