Jules Bright, RGN (Faculty)

Jules Bright, RgN, NT, Med Herb.

Jules is a barefoot forest dweller with a huge appreciation for what we have right here in Aotearoa, New Zealand and around this glorious Planet.  She spent 10 years traveling the World living with many Indigenous cultures and learning with these sustainability warriors.  Jules is an initiated WisdomKeeper, Pipe Carrier and Reiki Master and enjoyed 10 years as a registered surgical nurse – predominantly heading accident & emergency, intensive care, special care baby units and emergency clinics all over the world – on islands, deserts, mountains and hospital environments.

But Jules was going through another awakening …

“Many years were spent journeying to rich cultures in diverse landscapes – living and working with the local indigenous people of that land.  Whether they were Hindi, Bedouin, Sudanese or Aboriginal – Shamans, medicine women / men or Sikh gurus .. I was blessed to study Ayurvedic medicine, traditional practices and alchemy at the feet of Sadhus, Tibetan monks and spiritual healers in India.  Gifted with this knowledge, I moved home to New Zealand, where I gained triple diplomas in medical herbalism, naturopathy and remedial body therapies – specializing in New Zealand native bush medicine (Rongoa) working closely with a Tohunga of this land, who recognised also – that the world now needs this medicine in a big way.  Becoming an ambulance officer and pilot, bridged to my fast-paced nursing life that I had left behind…allowed me to open my own Earth emergency natural health clinic and laboratory.”

Jules is now taking her message to the World through her 100% natural native skinfood ranges: Presently developing Native pure dynamic ranges for the NewEarth Project and its initiative, Immortalis as the NewEarth Apothecarian, making products that are 100% natural, wild-crafted and enjoy fair trading with our sisters & brothers in New Zealand, Pacific Islands, Bali, Africa & the Amazon.  Jules is creating beautiful raw, native & exotic sustainable ingredients for the healing Spa, Retreats, Accomodation, Shops, Apothecary, Restaurant & Global marketplace of these worldwide initiatives.  All these endeavors help enhance our Planet’s resources through forest regeneration projects, regenerating our global reefs & Oceans, bringing our ancient knowledge & alchemy home to the hearts of our people and the next 7 generations.


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